Guy with a beanie [Update top of page]

Time for an update.
Well I put a little hair on him and gave him some glass eyes untill I make real ones, I also corrected the “SSS”. my fist render only had one lamp with the sun as a sun, this has three point lighting and I corrected the shading on the beanie. This is actually a study on how good I could get the beanie to look, just a way of finding new ways to do things. All procedural textures except the two that make up the beanie, no displacment. C&C are very welcomed. So here he is :smiley:


That’s really cool! I especially like how you got the beanie to look fuzzy…
As for the guy, other than being a bit overlit he looks good! (You may also want to turn down the SS shading a bit, which I assume you used…)

The beanie looks fantastic!

And he’s got some red blush from the cold.
Either that or he’s [email protected] :]

That beenie looks incredible.

I think the ear could do with some detailing. Mind you, I’m hopeless with ears so I can’t talk. Other than that, it looks fantastic, especially the beanie

I updated at the top of the page!

Looking really good…
How was the beanie texture made? Bump (Nor) channel? or is it some type of displacement?

The SSS is looking great.


I found a sweater texture on the internet and then ran it through Gimp to make it seamless and hit nor on in the materials. I then duplicated my mesh and used “alt s” in edit mode to size it a bit bigger, i did that a couple mare times and created a new texture that had the same settings, but with a shpere blend with mapped no nor set to a z axis only and then that was my alpha map. I don’t know if you got the idea, but I’ll post a screen shot of it some time.