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well, the thing started off with me dialing into the internet… I then went to elysiun, as i always do :smiley: , and as i was waiting, i opened another browser window and typed in

And guess what, no, it wasn’t the info page displayed and informing of Nan’s bankrupcy, IT WAS THE NORMAL BLENDER 3D WEBSITE!!! I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES!!! BLENDER IS BACK EVERYBODY!!! HOOORAAAAY!!!

Let’s celebrate,

(schock) #2

Did you read earlier posts before posting this? This is old news and not too promising.

(overextrude) #3

Tom - though the home page has returned to something more familiar, most of the site is still inactive.

(Happydud) #4

haha… you have to dial up

(DAK) #5

Not only does he have a dialup, but he is either very stupid, or likes to make a sick joke on the board to get people’s up for nothing.
Either way, he is stupid.

(SKPjason) #6

Let’s not stopp to name calling… c’mon… let’s be mature about this.

Considering that the floor fell from beneath the community… perhaps he saw that page… got excited… and had to tell us right away… in case we missed it…

I can understand his initial excitement… I felt it too… for about 1/2 second… but it was a good 1/2 second… and I will always cherish it.

:wink: Jason

(orange) #7

On 2002-03-26 20:29, DAK wrote:
Not only does he have a dialup, but he is either very stupid, or likes to make a sick joke on the board to get people’s up for nothing.
Either way, he is stupid.

and what is wrong with broadband, might i ask? you rich snotty broadband hording son of a beep beep beep yellow beep beep friddy beep beep and beep beep beep!!!


sorry, i hate people with broadband. it’s total jealousy.


(rwv01) #8

I’ll get broad band when I can afford it but
it cost five times what I’m paying now.
$9.95 vs $49.95! For now most people (most who own computers) still use dial-up but that will change.

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(sten) #9

I have connection via cable-tv that cost 29.5$/month and has a speed of 1Mbit down, and 200 Kbit up, and soon they will take 35$ for it, because the just increased the speed from 512 Kbit down/128Kbit up, but I don’t know if it is worth 5.5$ to pay more as little as 1 Mbit…I can get 2.5 Mbit for 24.9/month, but then I must pay a first payment at 199$or something…and must have it at least 12 months, but I haven’t much money(unemployed) , but it might come some day :slight_smile:

(ilac) #10

If you take into consideration the cost of the phonebill, as well as other issues such as occupied telephone line, the amount of time to see any page with non-small pictures, media etc, it actually turns out cheaper and much more practical to make use of other connection services instead of dial-up connections. Obviously this will vary per geographical location, and on how many hours you spend surfing the net.

(stephen2002) #11

ummm…hate to tell you but where I live, Dial-Up is less expensive than broad-band for home use. Your broad band=$40+ You unlimited dial-up=$20-.

You learn to be patient.

(ZoltarX) #12

Yes, lets keep “stupidity” and “method of internet connection” seperate, for Pete’s sake!

Broadband is pretty expensive in New Zealand but there is reasonable competition between dialup companies and my provider delivers a very acceptable service. For less than $10US a month, I can get 250 hours of acceptable surfing.