Guys, any tutorial or advises on doing an episodic game within the BGE?

I believed it had been done before

Any guides on the way to implement this?

switch scenes?

thanks for replying

what I mean is something like a save function that carries info from episode to episode

each episode will be released on different time periods and not all at once

Have your episodes located in a folder then use python to check for which ones there are. It’s the same for any DLC with blender, or addon levels. There’s no difference between any of them.

LibLoad is useful, though not necessary for this.

any tutorial on how to use libload or python programming necessary to do this?

but I think a save system that was posted here, could do it right?

An episodic game would work the same as a normal one. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end.
I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently for my own project.

Although you could save your gear or quest items when going on to the next episode you’d have to be careful about what gets taken and what doesn’t.

> Quest or puzzle items. You can’t have any quests or puzzles in the next episode rely on info or items you picked up before. What if someone missed it, can they go back?

> Skills and stats. These are something you could save, just put it in a python dictionary and save it with json or pickle. You can load it up next game. If you don’t know how to do this, you can experiment by following some Python tutorials:

> Quest items. If you finished the first episode and got the amulet of power, do you want it to be carried over? What about people who didn’t play the first episode, or who didn’t find that quest? I think this is OK as long as the item is not 100% required, just something to make the game more interesting.

> Weapons and ammo. You need to give a player the basic gear in the next episode, otherwise they might not be able to beat the game. Same as the quest items above.

> levels. If you want to revisit a level from an earlier episode it’s better to redo it as a completely new area. Your path through the level will be different, the enemies will be different. There’s nothing to be gained from saving the level they played last time.

I think episodic games are a good idea. It gives you a chance to reuse some of your assets and code, as well as an incentive for people to get in to your games. If the first episode is good, people will want to come back for more. And it means you don’t have to make a huge game right from the start that you might never finish.

The other good thing is motivation for you. Once you start making your episodes you may make characters you become attached to and want to revisit.

thanks men

what I mean is something like a save function that carries info from episode to episode

each episode will be released on different time periods and not all at once

If I understand correctly;

I have always used separate Blend files as levels. (episodes?)
i.e. level 1.blend, level 2.blend etc. I keep the blend files small so that it will play on weaker computers, (like mine) i.e. core duo, with 1 gig ram.

All blends are in one folder.

This should also work for Scenes, instead of blend files.

I have a separate blend just for save/load, inventory, pickups, levels, health, and level management, etc. Called “cache” (usually)

I LINK this blend to all my other levels. And use Always ---- add overlay Scene “cache”, I use the visibility actuators to hide it during game play, with a keyboard key to turn visibility on when the player wants to view what is in his pockets, backpack, whatever. This is also my menu.

The save/load saves properties, so all “Text” properties have a message “saveme” when the Text property is changed. (every object with “save” as a property will be saved, location also if needed)

I use messages to activate the save/load. “saveme” when the player reaches his goal, and is ready to move to the next level. And “loadme” on a delay on the camera, of every level (blend) to load the saved items. This allows one to keep pickups from blend to blend. The save/load saves a “cache.bgeconfig” file in the same folder.

This way there is no limit to how many levels you can have that can play on lower end computers.

But . . .

This isn’t really ideal, because it would be hard to package a game with multiple blend files. (IDK how to do it) I think Libload would be a better way to go.

Also, I found that moving the folder to another PC, makes everything linked go away, so they would have to be re-linked on a different PC. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I believe “Yo Frankie” was separate blend files, so maybe it is possible to package it. IDK.

So, like you, I’m looking for a better way to make episodes (Levels?) If you find a tutorial, can you post it?

Looking forward to hearing from others.