Guys I need help Blender crashed while rendering

Hello Guys

I had make a animation and I put it to render. After 30 hours render it crashed what can I do?
My pc has 4gb ram has no graphics card and cpu is very old

I’m afraid you can’t get back your rendered frames unless you choosed to save them as single .png files (I suggest to chose that output format next time. The animation is rendered as image sequence and every frame gets saved as soon as it’s rendered).
In case of a crash, you can render just the missing frames (starting from thef the last saved .png frame), not losing much time.
Then, to make a movie from the image sequence, you can use blender, importing the image sequence in a channel of the compositor and exporting it as a vieo file.

As for now, you may check if some file has been output (browse to the blender temporary folder), it may have saved it before crashing.
Try here first: C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\temp
Good luck!

Thank you for your help.