Guys, look at this, cant we have this in Blender?

These took only 30 sec on an old 780gtx, look at those caustics ? Amazing! Its luxrender.
But i want those caustics in Cycles!
Luxrender employs the BiDir CPU only for the caustics on the CPU, so its super fast cause the rest is on the GPU!

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I’d love to have caustics, just when I thought I don’t really care I needed it for a project.

There’s a topic here about it, not sure if it’s going anywhere. Seems that the priorities are elsewhere. Honestly, I don’t mind that much, Brecht knows what he’s doing. Still, would be nice to have.

If you really want to stick with cycles you can try this trick. Never tried i though, the level of tedium was just too high. Maybe if I’m bored out of my mind I’ll give it a go.