guys who made lotr and king kong

hey guys, these are the people who made lotr and king kong, just clear this up for me, are the “crowds scene” shown on this link real or fake?

Usually the immediate foreground people are real, the rest are fake. The software package is called ‘massive’. started as in-house software at weta, then branched into a seperate company and now available commercially.

There are also plug-ins which can do a similar thing in Blender.

In typical crowd-scene software, the “teeming crowds” are represented as objects, based on a much-smaller set of models, and those objects are driven by (usually fairly simple) algorithms which give them plausible “motivations” and “goals.” Insert a suitable amount of randomness into the mix and you get a fairly good crowd.

Like most things, though, I think the technique is lately being used too much… maybe because the size of the crowds is “too much.” Unless people breed like ants (hmmm… :rolleyes: …), the crowds are too large to be plausible. (But I wouldn’t mind being their “defense contractor…” selling their army a few hundred tons of fine steel.)

Hmm yes, I saw a screen of the script for Blender in the back of Essential Blender, I think my jaw literally dropped when I realised what it was. God you gotta love Blender. Anyone have links to more info/pics/video of this script?

yeah more links!!