gwen tennyson from ben 10

i trying to make gwen tennyson and i wanna to know your opinion and i wanna to know to how to make her hair look better and what you did’t like on she ?

my reference image

her face look little better her

As far as the hair goes, you can use this tutorial.

If you are going by the actual reference,I don’t know about that one. It has been done in 3d before.

In comparison to the head, it looks a bit squashed. Keep in mind that despite the drawing style, it’s still an oval shaped head.

Head shape is too flat on top. Peak of the hair is almost twice as high if you look at your reference drawing.

XeroShadow thank you i used the tutorial to make this new hair and i wait you opinion

pauljs75_ you are right i will fix that

look better ? @pauljs75_

Okay as far as the hair goes, you’re making it a bit more complicated than it needs to be. The reason why is because you would only need create a bit of detail on the just the strands that goes over the right hand side of the face. Try to keep the rest of the hairstyle smooth as you can. I suggest that you watch the movie and pay attention to all the possible angles of her hair. Look at the way it is shaped. In fact, for every shot of the camera showing her and her hair, press the prt scrn button on your keyboard and save that image through your image editing software.

Well look at the reference drawing in something like the side view. Now pretend the hair isn’t there and draw out the top of the skull under it. The hair goes over that. So in your model, compare to that. It should be a bit more obvious. Perhaps one of the reasons why most character models may be bald with a “wig” mesh for the hair.

So it’s not necessarily the lay of the hair that needs to be fixed, but the head shape. Should be easy enough to fix though.

her cute t-shirt

You may need to take off the extra strands on top or comb it over to her right. Take a look at some women photos of comb overs simular to her hair style to improve it.