This is a job i’ve just finished. The render took about 3 hours(blender+yafray).

C&C are welcome.

sorry for my english. :smiley:

It’s really awsome, but not real looking. On the other hand it doesnt look fake either, hope that makes sence. But awsome image :o

that looks great. i really like the floor but i think that the weights could look better. it looks like plastic right now.

thanks for the feedback Catfish. I will try to improve it.

The thing that’s wrong with the floor is that the tiles shouldn’t be cuted off along the wall. The picture would need some shadows so look more realistic (Like shadow from a window where you can see a tree right outside)

Great modelling!

i’m in the unique positing where i know what a gym looks like very well, yet if you look at me you would scream ‘get your butt back into one then’…

…the hydraulics look way too thin. I dont know how to describe it but it looks like it would snap if anybody but a 110lbs woman stepped on it…

plus the gym is very clean. no dust, dirt, sweat stains, or anything…it can use a little more texturing to bring out some realism…

I agree, something about it looks very real, but not. Maybe the camera needs to be exactly were your eyes would be. Maybe it is the lack of a baseboard, because the floor doesn’t look like it connects to the wall.

Also, that picture on the wall, is distracting the handles of the exercise machine.

You got a good project here. Everything is meshed perfect. In my opinion, you just need to arrange the items a bit, incluing the camera and maybe the lighting.

Great job though!

Here is an update:

Thanks for the C&C.

its better (now looks like an old fitness club :stuck_out_tongue: ) try to reduce the hard from the joistics on the machine, and i have a big crit, the image looks unreal bcause the machine doesen´t mean to be funcional