Gyro tracked digital cams?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of some companies or the technichal name for digital cameras that have built in gyros and motion sensors used to record the rotation and speed vectors at each frame which is later used to animate your computer camera.
Basically the same result as match moving software except you don’t have to track your footage to get the camera math.

Yes, indeed!

I would like one of those. I would mount it on my bicycle helicopter and tour the neighborhood.

you could probably hire a programmer for cheap, to write something using accelerometers (the things in wii remotes) to sense one of them. I was thinking of trying this one day. You could convert the raw data into BVH files, import that into blender, and link your camera to the empty. I think there is already software that takes accelerometer data and transforms it into BVH or something.

They are called motion control (moco) systems.

H’mm thanks all i’ll have to check this out.

I already know how to program python scripts to run in Blender so all i need is the hardware -sensors and a way to interface them with the computer. I’m not sure how to do that. After that it should be simple to program a script to convert the data to a Matrix which you could apply to the camera- even real time.