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(digitalSlav) #1

why does anyone bother to relpy to these warez posts? everyone here holds NAN to be their big brother and to insult them in anyway would be blasphemy! just delete the friggin post and move on with your BBoard nazi behavior. “ew i’m gonna tell ton and we are gonna lock your post and get you in trouble… wait till mommy gets home.” i mean seriously we have pages of people posting to boast their opinion and i bet almost all of you have had an “illegal” copy of 3ds or lightwave at one time or another just to test it out or hone your skills. just go about your business and stop with all the belly-aching.

oh and for anyone that cares people who do get ahold of “illegal” programs often times do not use them to feed their families but rather for an education purpose. without these copies many people wouldn’t even bother buying the LEGAL copy!

well to my room i must now go and wait for mother :frowning:

(Briggs) #2

just delete the friggin post and move on with your BBoard nazi behavior.

Strong words.

I hasten to point out however, that unlike nazi’s who burn your bussinesses, destroy your places of worship and systematically slaughter your peoples, the moderators on this board are simply enforcing rules that Kib has set for HIS site, much like you set rules and boundries for guests to follow when they visit YOUR home. It dosn’t matter if you agree with the rules because the board does not belong to you. If you are unable to comply with the rules set forth then the host, or trusted representatives, are well within their rights to ask you to cease such behavior or leave.

‘nazi behavior’ indeed.

(Pablosbrain) #3

That is 100% in the right mind set… hey… Kib could get ticked off one day and just decide to shut down the forum all together… not completely unlike the abrupt closing of NaNs forums. Granted NaNs forums closing was for a different reason… but the same end result. A lot of upset users and community members.

(Nayman) #4

Let us take the boards of LIke A Story as an example…

las was an indie film making site, that closed down due to arguments on the boards… all of us there were great freinds, and it is what got me started on blender.

being an ass, like some people on these boards, is a great way to piss off a mod, and he’ll close the siote, leaving you with no place to voice your inane, unessicary oppinions. Listen, if you dont liek the way things are run here, leave, go bother someone else. I have watched LAS die, then Blender. I am not going to sit idely by and watch Elysiun go because of petty little pricks… No, i am not picking on tmtechie… we all have oppinions, like this one here… jsut saying, guys, dont break the rules, dont kall kb a nazi, frankly, i doubt you that would argue, actually know what a nazi is, and everyone, for god sakes, jsut do what we love doing, being a part of a community. COMMUNITY… got that word little boys and girls who would dissagree with Mr. Kanters? As a member of a community, we agree to live by its rules, thus, dont argue with the leader. If you dont liek the rules, leave the comunity… Its not like he is saying we should round up the warez users and kill them. He is jsut setting reasonable rules… so buddy, follow em, and try and stay civil.
Democracy works, so if yuo would like somethign changed, ask him polietly, and see what he says…

Sorry if that was too long.

(digitalSlav) #5

mommy said stop fighting :x

see here is round 2… more posts from people with their opinions. no one called anyone a nazi it was however “nazi behavior.” the mere fact that everyone must get in on the onslaughting circle jerk to stomp out all illegal activities to this board and then lock it down. it also was not toward a certain individual. Kib is awesome for hosting this and does a great job of keeping a community alive but it is these few “trusted people” you speak of that should just end the madness and delete a post that doesn’t belong. why dwell on it with such distaste. do us all a favor by doing your job and kill vile posts that break the rules.

oh and before we start attacking intillectual integrity here read the post and decifer what was actually said. i’ll leave your all the nazi knowledge to you grand puba for we are the “young kiddies.”

(Nayman) #6


you’ll notice i said i was not picking on you…

mayb e YOU should try reading posts.

i am saying general lets have no more fights, so i end it here… if you agree, dont respond

(WeirdHat) #7

I see a big difference between NaN and whatever company made 3ds, namely that NaN has no money. Therefore, using a warez version of Blender is like taking money from the poor – in fact, it is just that.

(Nayman) #8

good call weirdy hatted boy :stuck_out_tongue:

(theeth) #9

Good show Weirdo :smiley:

tmtechie: Nazi behavior? uhmm… you mean the moderators really when to your house and gaz everyone in it or enslaved them without any valid reason?

I could try to make some points about society, and the giving up of individuals liberties for social liberties, but I doubt you can hardly understand that. Not to critizice your intelect in any way, of course.

Anyone that will compare a simple sensor on a forbiden subject in a public place to a movement which caused two wars, killed thousands of innocent people and broke world peace for decades might have a little problem in the thinking box.

'nuff said, if you don’t like it, you can just go away. It’s not like you really need Elysiun’s forum to talk about warez don’t you? I mean, you could go to any other place you want. Until they kick you out…

PS: cgchat also has a recent thread which talked about warez. Some of you might like it. http://www.cgchat.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5153&pagenumber=2

(Timothy) #10

For your information, I lock these topics because I don’t want to get sued by anyone, or banned by my provider.

Clear enough,.

Thank you,
Timothy Kanters