H-Bomb project

Hi all! I came up with an idea for a video. And a couple of scenes are going to be an

-atomic bomb dropping
-zoomed in uranium atoms splitting
-mushroom cloud explosion/physics sim(for destruction animation)

None of the footage im showing right now is even close to complete, but i figured it could serve as an example.

I needed help with splitting the Uranium atoms, mainly because i used a sphere with a particle group in the volume for the blue/red spheres. If anyone knows how i can go about doing that it would REALLY help!

Please feel free to leave comments and criticism. Thanks!

There are some videos of atomic bomb tests with recovered color on Youtube; they still don’t show exactly what it looks like 'cause of the age and quality of the film, but it’s gives a much better idea than those black and white-ish shots people are used to seeing; it’s way more firebally than people assume.

Hi, Joao! I just found your “Duplivert Waves” video a couple nights ago while searching for helpful references for my own video. It was very inspiring; in fact, once I saw it, I was awake for 3 hours longer than I’d planned on!

Back to the topic, your current progress is looking good. Regarding atoms splitting: have you found any references depicting what this split looks like? I’m afraid I don’t know at all what would look appropriate, so I can’t offer suggestions yet.

This is a very interesting project!!!

Have you drawn a storyboard? I mean sure you mentioned 3 different shots, but by visualizing the scene you could see how you could compose the 3 shots together, then there would be 5 shots by repeating 2 of them … just a hint.