H e l p

Hey Blender community.

Decided to throw in a competition which i have never done in past.

I am in need of original robot design for my projects role as update / news reader.
It’s stomach should have a blank space for its monitor and one of its eyes should look like camera
while other something like straight rainbow raying beams which fade out in about 3-5 meters.

Please post Your designs in replies to this post.

It can be textured but no bigger in dimensions than meter high, wide and long lets say
if You decide to add any background.

This competition will close on 20th of April 2021
And the Winner will be announced by me on 23rd of April of 2021
and will receive a gift of 25 Euros.

I’m sorry but unfortunately the prize is low because
I am average taxpayer and worker who does not own
any big company nor I am in friends with rich people
for advantages.

Good luck and thanks in advance.

Mr G