H1 Hummer

This is my finished version of the H1 hummer!. Much thanks goes out to all my BlenderArtist buddies who helped me on this…you guys rock!

So,what do you think of it? :confused:

(this is actually a Birthday present for my Best Friend…she loves H1s so I’m putting it onto a tshirt for her :stuck_out_tongue: )


Looks really good, Agent009-J. And what a great birthday present for your friend! :yes:

Nice job, well made, the proportions aren’t perfect but there close!

Thank you so much! =)

Thanks Photoguy! And yeah, I definitely agree with you about the preportions…I started using blueprints too late in modelling, so I couldn’t quite get it to look right. Ah well, learn for next time =)

Why the hard shadow? Try yafray GI and a HDR map for reflections.

Yeah I forgot. It looks great.