h264 rendering settings


i am running blender 2.71 on debian jessie (testing) (upgraded from debian wheezy and blender 2.70 a few days ago)
i am producing videos with h264 video codec, but mediainfo says h264 profile is the following:
Format profile : High 4:4:4 [email protected]

I would like profile/level to be: (as it was before upgrading)
Format profile : [email protected]
or level 4.0

Where can i set this ?
Is this something that i can set in blender ? or is this something that is configured somewhere on my system ? (i am always a bit lost, about encoding software beeing embeded inside blender or not)
If this is system, does anyone knows where i should look at in debian ?

Thanks for any hint !

i cannot believe nobody is encoding with h264 without tweaking options :smiley:
Any hint at least ?

Hint… There is one, often mentioned - render out image sequence, any, pngs, exrs. Use ffmpeg command line to tweak all aspects of output.

Then there is .py file containing ffmpeg cli parts in blender; it does not have place for any custom parameters one would like to include as far as i understand it.
Path to it - 2.xx/scripts/presets/ffmpeg/x264.py


encoding software beeing embeded inside blender or not

  • now when you ask i’m not absolutely 100% sure but ffmpeg used to be separate from blender pack. If you had not installed it blender would had no x264 option at all on interface.