Ha ha, now I am the Cyborg Dragon (ztonzy corrected it to Cyborg)

Ha ha, got my name changed, Now ringing with my interests in Dragons and Technology is Cyborg Dragon

Icoxo was just a random name that had a neat ring to it, now I have a name worthy of a Cyborg Dragon.

Under this new name I have completely become the Dragon, and thus also prevent this forum from getting into the hands of Wu-Man.

So here me this, I have now officially become the Dragon, er, Cyborg Dragon, er Cyber Dragon, whatever fits you.

Oh, noes! The battle between the Dragon and Super Wu-man shall devastate the mighty lands of vBulletin into a barren wasteland.

I officially declare you as crazy as Wu. Congradulations.

hmm, i dont know who you are, but you might want to visit outside world a bit more.


I admit that I am crazy and have been crazy for some time, ever since I was in tech in 8th grade and drew a crazy house in a drafting program and made my partner almost go crazy because he wanted a normal house. Or when I jump around the house at random or when I make goofy noises for no reason.

dude and you’re 18? the tragedy of ADHD

Huh, now that the Elysiun game prject has some more material, when are we going to see a sequel?

Seems like your personality changes with your usernames…

Kansas_15: Annoying Spammer

Icoxo: Sensible, Likes off topic

Cyber Dragon: Crazy.


Congratulation for coming out. But please! Say it, don’t spray it.

I’m still 17, but i’m turning 18 on Oct 24.

BTW: Like my new avatar image?

I’m still pretty sane outside the off topic forums though, like when I help people or post images or comment 3D news items.

Tell me, did you recently start taking drugs?

Just kidding.

I like your new name, but your new personality, well…it’s crazy.

Revelations 12:1-5

My friends, the end of days is upon us.

I like your new name, but your new personality, well…it’s crazy.

It shows some of a sense of humor which is a definate improvement imo.

You must be joking with that image (to see why it doesn’t apply to me read that one other thread)

If I was that red 7 headed dragon would I say that I’m a christian?

Yes, I’m just poking fun at you.

Remember, don’t take anything on the internet seriously, unless it’s a cat.

Oh sure we all know to take it seriously when the cat comes.

wait, you’re Icoxo? damn, go back to that user name!! it was fun, and creative, and all posts with that name as the writer instilled a feeling of respect in me. now, you’re just crazy. wait, again. you’re only 17? i alway’s thought of you being some industry expert in his mid 30’s with a loving family, and a wife that baked cookies every holiday. wow, was i off. just goes to show what the internet can hide, until you reveal the awful truth, that is. it really ticks me off that you turn 18 before me. a little more than a month after you… damn, life sucks. sorry for the language, little aggrivated here. i hate feeling inadequate. i’m gonna hate you for a good long while now. unless if you go back to Icoxo. then all shall be forgiven. maybe…

I changed the avatar again, from a wire Dragon to a similar solid white Dragon, you can barely see detail in the mouth with the wire Dragon and I forgot the tonque.

Gotta say, Icoxo was a good name compared to this… and if I do say so (well google does) almost unique!

Heh, whatever…

Has it really been almost three years since you first joined the forum… 'cause 15 to near 18 seems kind of like 3 years…

**** **** ******** **** **** ***** $5%£"$^&**$£"$^£


Did anyone guess I was 16?