Ha ha, now I am the Cyborg Dragon (ztonzy corrected it to Cyborg)

hmmm… no, I thought 12 though.


Bad guys always have minion sidekicks.

I will be willing to join your ranks.

Besides, “The Uncyclomaniac” isn’t really a good-guy name.

Ah, a sidekick.

While i’m not neccesarily on the side of evil I do find myself to be willing to make sure Wu-Man doesn’t take over the forum. And since Wu-Man calls all who doesn’t side with them enemies well…

Seems the forum is going to split into two parts, either they’re with the Cyborg Dragon or they’re with the Wannabe Super Hero.

Watch it Icoxo I got banned for this kind of thing a few years back.

Oh, alright, since i’ll never be able to get back on if I get banned again I won’t force people to take sides, not sure about Wu-Man doing it though.

I’m just saying don’t go over the line.
I did the EXACT same thing and got accused of spamming.

Just keep it to a reasonable level.

That makes sence, yes maybe I have been pushing me as a Cyborg Dragon a little hard trying to get a bigger ego then Wu-Man. I’ll see about keeping it reasonable.

well, it explains a lot…

and, er, “cyber dragon”… your avatar is um, less “intimidating” than “that dragon all the other dragons cringe when he runs up to them”

I think you’re better off with Sago’s chicken

A lot of detail in the mouth area is lost when you have an image only 80 by 80 pixels, it was a quick job in Blender. A closeup of the head will show the teeth are a bit more intimidating.

I still prefer Sago’s imagining of the dragon…

Updated it, now has really faint lines for the neck scales most dragons have and frills on the back that most dragons also have. Good thing I saved the .blend file.

Valarking, I was wondering what you like of Sago’s representation of me the Dragon over what i’ve put in my avatar?

he probably likes that you look more like a wind-up chicken in that imagining, as do I.

and sorry, it’s not the teeth that are not intimidating (although they arent) it’s probably more in the friendly wave “hello” and the glassy thousand-mile stare

Because your dragon looks awkwardly lame, while Sago’s has skill and personality.

Oh, so your meaning the more comic styled look that he gave me in his comic.

Well he puts humor into the forms of all the Blender characters he draws so that’s fine.

Valarking, what’s awkwardly lame about my Dragon, I did design it a bit in the classical style?

well, yours is pretty comical too…

Well that’s fine, I look at it and it looks like I made the claws look they’re turned to a little of a right angle towards the viewer and it almost looks a low wave. I’m thinking they look fine that way.

You were turning back into the old Kansas (see your posts with Sago). Maybe this time?

lol, i allways thought he was 10 or something… ^^

I believe you have said it once or you can figure it out from your posts. I personally knew you were around that age :slight_smile:

I changed my user name from Slepnyrl to Edeehem a while ago :slight_smile:

Back to topic. Well it’s a good thing to say you change your username, helps reduce the confusions and posts like
“You should meet icoxo, he’s just like you. Hey, what happened to him?”
But icoxo was more original :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a angram at your new user name.