Hack OpenVDB To Use Tile Size of "1"?

Does anyone know where the python file that Blender 2.9 volumetric_tile_size props is stored? I want to change the lowest tile size to 1 instead of 2.

import bpy

scene = bpy.context.scene
props = scene.eevee
props.volumetric_tile_size = "1"

I think the code is valid, but the props menu list doesn’t go that low. I was wondering where the props file that contains this list might be located?

The traceback error is quite explicit: volumetric_tile_size must be a value from the enum (‘2’, ‘4’, ‘8’, ‘16’).
‘1’ is not in that enum, so it isn’t accepted.

And it’s a builtin property, so you won’t find it in python.
The enumeration is defined in source\blender\makesrna\intern\rna_scene.c, line 6745.
The property is declared in line 6943.

Dang, I guess some enterprising compile savvy person would have to extend the list and make a new build to test if it’s possible to get more resolution out of the Blender OpenVDB offering.

In comparisons with other render systems, a tile size of 2x is not good enough. I can’t establish the “crisp” look that other systems can produce using the same exact .VDB sequence.

I don’t know the implications of adding ‘1px’ to the tile_size… That is just a setting, and the render engine must also be able to interpret the value of that setting. Perhaps it works by default, perhaps the code for the engine must also change… idk :confused: