I’ve been getting the popup described in this thread:


When I log into Blenderartists.org. I’m wondering if the hacking has extended here too. I’ve cleared my cache and logged out, but I’m still getting it. Anybody else having this?

Polorix is off line this month:

"Due to recent abuse of this free uploading service and as a result of overage charges from my webhost the uploader will not be online this month. I am sorry for any problems this has caused the legitimate users of this service. "

I’m talking about blenderartists.org. I’m seeing the same thing here. Anybody else?

everything’s fine here bugman…

It happens to me when I go to this thread. Try clicking on this thread and pressing the “Reload” button in your browser.


Anybody getting this? I’ve had it on three different machines in three different places, not all of which have ever even visited polorix, as far as I know.


It seems that there is a link to polorix in that thread. That may be connected to the problem.

Nope, not here. Tried normal reload and hard reload.

[edit] Yes, if there’s something linked (image…) to polorix you will see it as well, afaik.
[edit2] The second page of the topic linked in your (bugman_2000) last post shows the fuckin shit dialog, that’s definitely from polorix.

Yep, I just got the fuckin shit dialog too.



I guess ole boy is ticked about whatever hooey has been going on with his service. Someone must have been pulling some really crazy stuff for him to get overage charges when he allows up to 200 MB file sizes. Maybe someone was using his site to save bandwidth at their own site.


Bugman2000, aye it happened to me too, like you mentioned it happens whenever someone used a pic uploaded to polorix and linked it to load inside the forum.

I was wondering what was up with that, I got that too.

I found people hosting stuff on polorix on a couple different places on the web. Some songs in the psycle demo repository, even.

This is because an image hosted by polorix is somewhere on the page, and if you don’t enter in the password (if there is one), it won’t be displayed. On the GameMakerCommunity, Imageshack used to spew cookies at me constantly because almost all the images people uploaded were hosted there.

I posted songs at the psycle site on polorix, were you seeing mine?

Anything that was posted there brings up that dialog, but all of the above links seem to have been purged of links to polorix.