Had it for 3 days... help?

Serious Newsbie problems =o)

I have had it for 3 days. So I am still working on the basics.

Does anyone have one webpage with all the commands listed?? THAT would help me out some.

I am having problems making the backgrounds work with images, the program wants to add all kinds of color. Is there a way to turn that off? I am having to use a plane as a backdrop for backgrounds.

In my sig is a link to a txt file of hotkeys and to excelentwhales site, neither of them updated to 2.32 but still relevant.

You’ll have to explain what “add all kinds of color” means.


When I try to make a background with an image, the program keeps adding color to the image. Is there a way to turn this off?

I’m not sure if this is 2.3 or 2.26, probably the latter…

Remember, I’ve had it for 3 days… here is what I’ve got… try not to laugh…


I just read something about ‘backbuf’, should I use that?

Hi, to add an image as a background there are a couple of ways. The first being the background plane method you’ve already tried.

The second is to add an image into the world buttons. By default the world is blue. Add a texture to the world, make this your image. Turn on the Hori and Zen up in the world Map to buttons, to see the image without colour from the world settings. Real, blend and paper will change the way the image is displayed at render.

The third method, is to use the Backbuf image. In a 3D viewport, click view button in the header bar, select background image. Load the image, then decrease the alpha/blend slider. The nearer zero the more opaque the background. This is why you can see colour from the world settings showing through, because the blend slider value will be too high.
After loading the image in this manner, go to the render buttons. Bottom left you will see the Backbuf button, turn this on. Above this button are 3 file dialogues, the middle is the backbuf image, load the same image into here.

A couple of tips for your images on your website. Turn on OSA in the render buttons, and press the 16 button just below it. This will get rid of the jagged edges on your models. Also select a mesh, go to the edit buttons and press the Set smooth button.

Hope this helps,


That definitely helps.

Now if U can just loan me some talent.

Still a newbie, and I am still trying to learn how to create objects the way I want them. Its pretty tough.

http://geronl.50megs.com/watertower2.jpg you can see that I did not do the OSA button but thats not the point. Should I make objects big to work on the detail and then shrink them?

All of the metal holding up the water tank are different objects, they didn’t fit together too well. How would I have made them one object?? Sort of weld them together one by one?

I supose you can shrink them. You can also do view -> view properties and lower the “spacing” [I think its called] and then the ctrl will snap to lets say every .1 units instead of every 1 unit. Quite useful for modeling the “MicroMachine” toy that got left on the front lawn in your house scene. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be more patient, don’t go posting your problems in topics that they have no relevence to. I have had Blender a month probably and I’m in the swing of the basics now. Sure you will do the same, especially if you remain as excited over it as you appear to be. :wink:

That House is a watertower… :frowning:


Back to the 3D drawing board

hm…my first couple blends, looked very much like yours, not even that good… but i have come a loooooong way. but remember, dont get discouraged, and dont give up. i about did a couple times…look at my first blend…


and look where i am now!! cause i put myself to it, and i didnt give up.




just to show you. dont worry about not being good at blending now, it all pays off later. not saying im good now, but saying that i am better,lol

keep blending!