Hades OC Fanart WIP (designed by Bloodwrit on Twitter)

So when Hades the Game came out, I was immediately in love. Then Youtube recommended me a video that showed off their 3D models and I knew I had to try and make a character myself.

(VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYJ6d1ifSqA)

So I scrubbed through the video and took as many screenshots as I could. Now all I needed was a character to model…

Which is where Eris comes in!

I asked them if I could model their character and after getting yes, began the process!

2/9/2021: Current render

I am so close to finishing! The last parts I need is the hair, skin and any other small details!

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AND the texturing is done!


And pose is complete! Definitely make a lot of mistakes but still learned a lot. Pretty happy with what I have, even if it isn’t perfect :smile: I have one last set of images I’m working on and then I will put this project to rest! :clap:

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And with the fake screenshots, the project is done!