I thought I’d try and make a Hades figurine for the current weekend challenge


That looks promising :slight_smile:

Keep it up :slight_smile:
Happy Blending :wink:

thanks JeannotLandry
here’s an update on the body


looking very good :slight_smile: reminds me of the disney version actually but obviously more sinister lol

That looks really nice!
Keep sculpting!:wink:

Very nice sculpt :slight_smile:

There are a few areas where anatomy is off, i hope you don’t mind, I did a paint over with a few explanations.

Just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Happy Blending

awesome! I love a good paint-over, you’ve got a good eye for anatomy :slight_smile:
I’ll get to work on it

You are welcome :wink: Been studying anatomy for a very long time. I do know it like the back of my hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

not sure if I should keep the shoulder spikes and detail them, or get rid of them


Great work Jeepster :slight_smile: Great job of re initializing the anatomy :slight_smile: Right now most of it is spot on. Only the Triceps muscle looks a little odd and the abs are way too round, they should be flatter, they will round up if he bends and strengthen them up, but when in a more relax pose like this, they shouldn’t be so pronounced. I do like the spike. maybe put it in but as a shoulder armor or something.

thanks :smiley:
I went ahead and flattened out the abs and tried to rework the triceps&back a little bit

as for the shoulder spikes, I was originally planning to make it be armor, but a little additional sculpting seemed easier than designing the armor plates (not a fan of hard-surface modeling)


wow, your sculpting is insane, where the hell did you learn to sculpt like that? awesome model, this is definately my taste :slight_smile:

thanks bizla!

here’s an update:
edit: the arm looked weird in that pose, working on fixing it


brilliant, the skull pedestal is a great touch :slight_smile:

not sure what to do about the background


Really cool my friend :slight_smile:
I love it. Perhaps putting that statue in a little scene on a wooden table or a tablet of some kind would be better. Would also give it a sense of scale:)

Great work though, it looks awesome :slight_smile: I love it :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:
I’d definitely like to add a table or something(you’re right, that’d definitely help with scale), but the weekend challenge is almost over - so I think I’ll have to leave it as is

I’ll try to render out a turntable later tonight


thats great, like a pewter statue, how did you make that material though? is it UV mapped or one you created from nodes?

thanks bizla!
I first started by unwrapping the model and baking an AO texture.

Then I baked a normal map using ‘bake from multires’
I imported that normal map into xNormal, where I generated an EMB cavity map, as shown here: http://www.donaldphan.com/tutorials/xnormal/xnormal_occ.html - this cavity map really helps make the details more prominent

Then I messed around with the AO and cavity maps in photoshop - the layer setup ended up having the cavity map first, and the AO map second, set to multiply. On top of that, I added a levels adjustment layer and brought the midtone grey slider really close to the whitepoint slider

With this resulting texture, all I had to do was use it as color input to the Glossy BSDF cycles shader

the resulting render also looked a little dark, so I used a Color Balance compositing node to increase the gamma and gain a little bit

wow, you really know your stuff when it comes to texturing, have you ever thought of writing advanced tutorials, im sure alot of people could benefit from that, including myself.
ive never used AO or cavity mapps (most of my models are vehicles or architectural) but now im really tempted :slight_smile:
great work, would love to see some more of your work, do you have a portfolio online?