HAE used MetalScroll in Visual Studio? Blender's text editor needs on of them!

Basically, MetalScroll is a plugin that shrinks down the text of the window and puts it in the scrollbar. It highlights the section you are viewing and updates in real-time.
Various sections of code are easily recognizable shapes and so it makes working on long text files much much easier. The scroll-wheel functionality COMPLETELY sucks in blender’s text editor anyway, so i find myself reverting to use scrollbars. yuck. So we need a slightly-wider, totally-more-kickass toolbar option in blender.

I’m not the best coder in the world but I’m interested in tackling this project (with help from y’all of course.)

Before I dive in and try and reinvent the wheel, I wanted to see if anybody else has ever heard of such a thing.

To navigate the code I use bookmarks in QtCreator, it jumps from a place to other even in different files just hitting a key. To code in Python I used a linux program “ERIC Python IDE”, I didn’t used blender text editor for coding.