(zaltros) #1

how make refract effect?
i’ll make lens.

you know???

(macouno) #2

you mean a reflection???

You need to get into environment mapping…

create an empty behind your lense… as seen from the camera… it needs to oppose the camera.

create a texture for your lense… .select env then set the ob: as the empty… try it.

(rwenzlaff) #3

If he’s making a lens he probably means refract.

You still do it with env maps, though. Just use the NOR mapping instead of the REFL mapping. The placement of the “looking From” empty (Enter name in the “Ob:” field will determine the lens’ apperant focal length.

Remember, though, this isn’t raytracing. You can give an impression of reflection/refraction, but it will never be perfect. One of the major drawbacks is you won’t be able to shine a light through your lens.

It’s another one of those things I intend to work on when the sources are released…