Hagk - Multiplayer First-Person Altercation

HAGK (Hide And Go Kill) is my long-term FPS project. This is a thread for updates.

It has become difficult to present the full concept easily with a senseless lump of text files; so I have begun building into the Wiki hosted at GameBlender.org.


Link to the GB.org thread:

“HAGK is a team oriented first person multiplayer game, which may or may not involve vehicles and guns.” - wiki

It will be capable of networked multiplayer. (That includes over internet and local network.)

looks interesting… do you have enough progress to post screens?

oh, and it appears the mods deleted the wrong thread.

Here’s a conglomerate screeny.


Cool screeny!! Don’t tell me you are switching projects from s-diada!!??

No, no, S-DIADA is still going.

You didn’t read the GB.org post, apparently… ;u -whistle-

(follow the link in the first post)

was thinking about this project during this week! And I remember one of you first models was equipped with a modified antigrav engine… ah tha was in the good old days… :tear:
I’m glad is back on line an that you have acquired much knowledge and skill to actually pull it off!
Looking back I see how much you’ve learned, thinking that we were almost at the same level… I’ll definitely make it a goal to learn python this year!

Your project has matured considerably… I also remember that you already had a (slow running) fps template with energy charge health and damage from falls. If you have too many models and need a hand, I can give it to you if you ask!
Good luck!

Gameplay update; I’ve added the energy/health/shielding/damage simulation.
Jumping is out pending another motion core rewrite.

WASD: Motion
Ctrl: Crouch
Left alt: Switch stealth on/off (no graphical effect as such)
Left shift: Hold to use servofield augmentation (Make-U-Run-Quik)


Text and .blend update.


  1. The player can stand still! I haven’t fully organised it but the theory is in place and it works- the player doesn’t slide down slopes anymore.
  2. Middle-click cycles through 3 zoom levels with smoothed interpolation. Aiming sensitivity also changes.
  3. The shielding behaviour has changed, it’s now more like the Crysis version- there isn’t any “shock” period, as in Halo. Nothing is solid though. (And apart from that, there’s no way for you to get damaged, anyway, =P)
  4. Fixed a small bug in the shielding which caused normal functions to drain health if energy depleted…


At least read the new excuse plot. =P
Heaps of stuff has changed.

Very proud of this release- it has a bit of feeling behind it. A little bit of immersion.


  1. Added a visual of the helmet around the player, with latency (if you turn fast, it lags behind). The HUD is in fact fully 3d, giving the lag effect a cool look. The effect comes mainly from the Metroid Prime series, where the HUDs were also full 3d.

It has angular and linear lag.

  1. There’s a stationary cannon which continually fires stuff at you to demonstrate shielding and how damage overflows from energy to health. Use the medpack in the level to get some health back, although you can’t actually die anyway. Note: The player sphere has to collide with the pack, so crouch to pick it up.

  2. Middle click cycles through view zoom levels, with nicer visuals this time.

There still isn’t any jumping, sorry. Working on it.

Any artists interested?

Your mouse script drifts on Mac. Look up Chaser’s mouse script for one that doesn’t.

Explain to me why it drifts and I’ll fix it… I don’t have a Mac to work on.

Raiderium: You have to program it so that when the mouse is not moving, the movement is set to 0,0 movement. It is something like this I remember, but I don’t have a mac either. (boo on apple :P)

EDIT: 999th post :wink: w00t w00t

Gomer (or another Mac user), could you please try this version? I have attempted to fix the problem.


Thank you very much for testing it for me.

Bump. I don’t ask for much, but how come my threads repel people? 12 posts and 13 views? :frowning:
I need a helpful user from the Mac world to test the last upload.

Maybe if I post screenshots of the python code artists will be interested. 3:

The view counter is broke, so dont rely on that.

Screen shots would be nice, I have personally been following this thread, and I am sure more are too.

Keep it up!

yes I have been following this thread also, but there isn’t much to comment on. It would help alot if you had some attractive screenies :eyebrowlift:

Okay. =P

blah blah lengthening post blah


heck, I’ll bite, and post.

I actually downloaded the file a little while ago, then forgot to look at it…

looks nice, I like the HUD. funny thing it took me forever to get my health down, since the rocket kept knocking me over a ridge where my shields recharged. >.<

looking forward to a… weapon?

The hud is very cool, definitely feels more immersive for some reason (it’s now on my list of things to implement (steal ; ) ). Also the missiles are scary in a good way when they ping right past you or ricochet off some scenery. Very good indeed.

So yes, this project is actually still alive. Even if the thread was on the fourth page. Sorry about that, it never dies :smiley:

New systems are in development.

  • Avatar: Control state encapsulation/Plugging control states into entities
  • Rosebud: UDP networking core. 70 percent complete, operational. Just missing a few minor features.
  • Action Manager: …Too generic to possible describe in this many words.
  • General library (raider.py).
  • Raicast Vehicle Wrapper (So sue me!)

Planned systems that are still in concept for now:

  • Unique Entity Update Protocol: Provides secure (extremely resilient against packet loss) network game synchronization. Built on top of Rosebud.
  • GUI system required but not much concept or planning done: text input, droplists, tickboxes, click-based window reordering and dragging. That’s about it. Oh and radio tickboxes.

And that’s only the technical stuff!

The Strength (or ‘Boost’, ‘Power’, ‘Make-U-Go-Qwik’, whatever you prefer to call it) function and Stealth function now have more appropriate drawbacks and limitations. B-FAS bolo springs and linking behaviour is more comprehensive. Controls for swapping the Taser weapon between hands or stored on back is now more comprehensive (and still uses just the Tab key). The function of zooming has a bit of technical design behind it and is frankly more believable.

Heeeaps of other stuff. I’unno, this is just a progress report. It’s not meant to entice people. I’ll do that once I finish this piece of concept art…

Edit: And I sorta forgot to mention the FPS template is receiving an obscenely huge overhaul. The Interface dictionary is being moved into a proper Python class so that it fits in with the other systems being developed (as well as that it’s just a lot more compact and efficient :D). There are also some rather obscure alterations necessary for it to simulate swinging on the Bolo connection beam after grappling something.

Oh, and you can use bolo connections as ziplines with the Ar-fas.
And there are some new vehicles.