Hair and bones

Hey guys, haven’t been here in over a year nor have I used blender in that good amount of time… makes me sad :frowning:

Anyhow, I’m getting back in the swing of things and downloaded the new 2.48 blender. Saw a bunch of changes and got myself re-familiarized with the interface, but what confuses me is a few things:

One, the hair curve guides for my character aren’t working. It’s set to a curve guide, the hair is coming out, but it doesn’t follow the curve.

Also, the bones in my rig seem to have semi reset themselves but I assume just moving the bones that control them will resolve this.

That’s problem 3, it seems as if every time I try to mess with a bone or us buttons with the particle system the program slows down rapidly. My computer has no problem running blender, since I have before and I even have a better graphic’s card now. So I don’t understand whenever I try to move a bone it slows down to like 1 frame every 30 seconds.

So again:

  • Hair isn’t following curves
  • Bones and editing the mesh via button/script commands slows down the program
  • bones have reset some of their positions (minor probably)

I’ve attached a before and after render of my character so you can see the hair’s difference. I don’t know how to better explain the lagging when I mess with bones or buttons though.
(I’m guessing it could be due with coding, possibly my version is corrupted or something)

Also another odd thing, I’ve downloaded python, the newest library version and all but blender doesn’t recognize it exists. Keeps saying I don’t have it installed. What should I do to get blender to recognize that I have python?


For the hair you can comb them into position now in particle mode, the hair system has been improved greatly with Big Buck Bunny.

I think there’s been changes with the animation stuff too for the open movie project.

comb you say? How does one go about doing this?

Still need to figure out the laggy and python issues.

In the “Particle buttons” you have to click “Set Editable”.
Now, when you switch to “Particle Mode” and press “N”, you’ll have the “Particle Edit Properties”. One of these tools is the “Comb”.