Hair and Fur in Blender training

Hi guys, hope this is in the right section (if not Mods, please feel free to move it.) I’ve recently moved to Blender from Maya as I feel there are massive pros in doing so, modeling toolkit, fur dynamics, etc. especially after seeing that recent Orc demo from Daniel Bystedt. So far I’m loving everything about the program, the only thing I am kinda lacking in resources is info on fur/hair. I’m hoping to work on some creatures and characters that require hair/alphas in the near future. I’ve wanted to also move to Blender after seeing the ease of hair creation in some youtube videos, and found Maya xgen a little clunky and archaic.

I just had 2 questions for the users here. Firstly, could anyone direct to some good resources/training on hair/fur creation? Secondly, are there any resources that show you how to convert said dynamic hair into alpha cards for realtime work, like games? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: