Hair and fur

(scarnivore) #1

About a year ago I saw that Joe Alter was offering a Shave and a Haircut SDK free of charge to responsible open source/free renderers (blender was even mentioned by name). Now hair and fur would be something I would LOVE to see in Blender, especially Joe Alter quality hair (his hair renderer is the XSI hair renderer). Did anyone take him up on his offer? I’ve been away from blender for a while, so pardon if I am missing such an addition.

By the way, belated congrats to the blender community going open source!


(rwv01) #2

I don’t know about that but there has been a major development in that area thanks to RipSting!

Acctually there are gobs of new scripts and plugins. Many of them are things we’ve been waiting to see for a long time such as Stefano’s new Knife tool.

(scarnivore) #3

Well, those are two plugins that I will definately dig into when I return from vacation. I already have tons of questions about the RipSting hair plugin (ie regarding implementation, exportability to renderman renderers, etc).

With all these new scripts and plugins, do we have an organized repository for them? If not it would be a great idea, especially for newcomers and returners (like me). Something simple like a list with headings such as modeling tools, rendering exporters, etc, and then a brief description and a link.


(Al_Capone) #4

I agree, we need a place to put all these scripts so people can download them, you can send them to me and I’ll put it up on my website :stuck_out_tongue:

(rwv01) #5

Looks like theeth beat us to the punch! Thanks theeth!

(Al_Capone) #6

How cum I don’t see it ?

(theeth) #7


go there:
look at the top thread with a big ANNOUNCEMENT sign next to it
the title is very self explanatory “Script list effort”


(Al_Capone) #8

Yea, but this isn’t all on one site, reasion I don’t prefer list is because they go out dated, moved or taken down.

(rwv01) #9

I don’t think that will be a big problem here.
This list will become one of the most important places to find scripts.
If programmers want their scripts to be used they’ll know they need to
update their links in high profile lists like this one.