Hair and leather material

I’m no good at the cycles materials, two materials in particular I find difficult to make look good. The hair looks decent but I’m not sure if it could look better, the leather material looks quite awful. I’m used to dealing with spec, normal and diffuse maps so nothing is procedural, can anyone share a better hair and leather material or tell me how to tweak what I got. I have looked around the internet but they all seem to be procedural materials and that just clutters things up with thousands of nodes that makes it hard for me to edit them.

for the leather material - you need a fresnel node plugged into the fac slot of the mix. I’d also probably remove the texture from the glossy shader too. Use the diffuse to colour the object - and use a single light glossy colour with some roughness for the sheen.

there are procedural leather materials around - take a look on blendswap.

Remove the glossy texture got it, the diffuse texture is coloring the object, what do you mean by single light glossy color with roughness for the sheen? Something is needed to break up the spec right, as for the procedural textures. I’ve looked at them and it’s 50 000 nodes, everything I do uses UV textures. If you could be more specific on what you mean by single glossy color for the sheen that would be great. :slight_smile:

Set the glossy colour to white (or a very light beige). Set the glossy roughness to around 0.1-0.2

to get an accurate leather type look - you’ll probably need to add some bump to it as well. Depending on your diffuse texture - you may be able to use that to addd some bump - otherwise youmay have to either use another texture or a procedural.

Thank you.