Hair and mesh mirror modifier

I would like to create a creature covered with fur. Therfore I already modeled half of the mesh and added a mirror modifier to it (X axis).
After the creation of a hair-particle system the mesh was covered with hair (on both sides), but all the parent particles were on the mirrored side of the mesh. The problem is, that for some reason I can only edit the particles on the mirrored side. The children on the original side don’t change. With the mirror modifier applied everything works fine, but I would like to stay with the mirror modifier.

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks for your help.

The mirrored and source sides need to be joined. Select both and ctrl-j .

It doesn’t work. In Particle Mode I can only select the whole body or nothing. I tried to select all by pressing A and crtl+j. It seems like blender did something, but the problem still remains. Even if I delete the links to all particle systems before joining both sides nothing happens.
In Edit Mode I can only select the source side.

I got the solution from the Blender Website:
“To create symmetric hair distributions, particle mode has a mirror editing tools. Note that any mirror modifiers for the mesh must be applied before editing the hairs, and that the mesh still be symmetric.”

So there is no way around.

Thanks for your help.

There might be a workaround.

Duplicate the object, apply the modifier and add a particle system. Then don’t enable Emitter. You can keep the modifier on the visible object and edit the particle system on the non rendering one.

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