Hair and skirt collision

Hi there! First time poster here!

Here’s my problem:
I have a display mesh with animation - walking, for example. How can I make the leg (which is part of the display mesh) push the skirt?

I haven’t posted a blend file because I’d like to hear ideas and see if mine are actually worth the pain (even though I’m currently at something but I’m not content with the approach).

What I’ve thought about:
1/ Manually animating hair and/or skirt movement for each animation. But that would be too stiff. No physics to it.

What I’ve tried:
2/ Soft bodies - the skirt hangs almost naturally but there’s no way to make a leg push it.

Currently trying things with this idea:
3/ Display mesh LEG has a rigid body object parented to it. Display mesh SKIRT has a rope-type objects that hang. Display mesh LEG > moves > rigid body leg > which pushes > the rope-type objects > which transfer the movement > to the display skirt. A real chain of mess if you ask me. That’s why I don’t like this idea too much.

I’m sure the same principle that would work for the skirt would apply to hair - hair bangs flapping against the face. That’s why I’ve included it in the title. I hope there’s a more sane way to achieve this. What do you think about these methods and more importantly - what could you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

Unbelievable! I think I got it. It was really simple. I just had to parent the collision mesh to the armature. No need for additional bones. And perhaps my biggest mistake was that I thought the collision mesh should use constraints in order to somehow indirectly copy the display mesh movement.

I’ve included a blend file for a preview. Press P and then W to move the display mesh.

BGE display mesh collision.blend (464 KB)