Hair and wind

I´m new to blender and particles and want to know if is there a way to make Hair/grass swing in the wind. Is there a tutorial about it? I couldn´t find it.

Well, I cannot tell you about a tutorial right from the top, but it shouldn’t be that difficult. I assume that you went through the particles chapter of the manual. You may place force fields too, and one of the force field type is “wind”. If you make your particles softbodies (make it a little stiff), it should sway back and forth if you animate the strength of the wind.

Try this thread, down towards the bottom of the first page there is a discussion on making grass move as if wind is blowing through it and it uses empties.

Thank you both, gonna try it.

I don’t think it’s necessary for the grass to be a softbody, and besides, that feature in only available in the SVN. With the current particles, adding an empty designated as wind and animating the Force, Falloff, Location, and Rotation should do the trick.

egan, can you explain it to me. I´m newbie. Thanks