hair animation?


I have been toying with blender hair, and can get decent static images–but I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the hair respond to accelerations/decelerations.

As a real world example, my sister could always get great laughs from her niece if she flipped her hair over her face (only by tossing her head, without any use of hands etc.)

I can’t imagine how to do it in blender.

If it were as simple as animating the head toss, and having the hair respond without help-- I think that would be great. Is there any way to set this up?

You animate the Guide Curves; use ShapeKeys; put Hooks on them and a Constraint on the hook with a Target to follow; use a PathCurve; use an Armature on the Hooks as explained in the Animation forum by Fweeb.


Or, use softbody for the curve guides, select the curve and go to edit mode, select the first root “triplets (vertices)” and press W and give a weight of 1.0 (max), then select the next triplets and give less than 0.1 for the weight… and the last one can have almost zero weight. Then add the Softbody and give it some gravity. Now you can use mesh objects (such as the head as “deflectors”).


That’s just what I was looking for! Thanks.

those are really great ideas! i would have never thought of them :S

I asked it at #blendercoders and broken, who was also sick (broken and sick… joke) well, he told me about those, when I asked how could I get collision detection to hair… since it is basically dynamic particles, just every step of it displayed at once… and because they have collision detection, why wouldnt the static have? They said it wouldn’t be really realistic, it would bounce… But I think you could set the settings right (damping and stuff) so it would look right.
But curves with collision = softbodies + deflection do the job very well, too. So problem solved, I’d say.