hair animation

would it be posoble to anamate somone puting there hair into a ponytail? :confused: if so are there eney tutorials. only way i can think of doing it wood be to make the hair using plains and put tuns of bones in it.
i have been modaling for about 2 months and like dificult chalanges.

It would be very hard. That being said I’m not sure if I’ve even ever seen it done in 3d in a high-budget movie. If you’re determined to try, though, Jahka’s particle system patch would be your best bet.

were wood i get the particle sistem patch from?. everytime i have experimented with the particle sistem the hair alwase goes straght threw the hed! there is a example of my modeling on the work in progress form if eneyones intrested

You should be able to do it if you use RVK’s (shapekeys) on the hair guides. It’s going to be a challenge.