Hair being disorganized when rendered using add on Hair Net

Hey there !

I have been trying to create a braid (from curves and then converted to hair particles using the addon HairNet). Here’s my problem : it looks great in the 3d view :

But when I render it, the braid looks completely different :

And when I press escape to get back to the 3d View, the braid still looks awful until I switch from object mode to any mode and then to object mode where it is back to normal.

I have tried everything I could think of, so maybe one of you could help me out ?
Here is the link to the blend file if you would want to have a look at the settings :

Blend file

This must be karma or something, I had been working on this issue for 3 days without being able to fix it, and the second I post this, I have a new idea : the problem was coming from the subdivision surface applied on the scalp and the numbers of “view” and “render” were not the same, and that was responsible for the problem.