Hair bouncing around In Bake (Hair dynamics) HELP

When I apply hair dynamics, the hair goes all bouncy. I have used a separate mesh for the particles with show emitter disabled. I have also made sure there are no collisions applied to mess up the bake.

I had another character with hair like this with the same settings applied. The dynamics work completely fine.
I will add the Blend file if required :33

I also had applied to scale and deleted the previous cache data from file

Reset the hair dynamics settings to default and try it then.

So no collisions anywhere and the scale is applied ? Just checking again its the most common thing…

Try a higher quality step setting. With physics its always easier to have a test file. Here i am guessing what it could be.

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Hmmm, I have reset the hair dynamics to default and it’s still misbehaving. It could be a bug in Blender?

Set the pin goal strenght to 1 under hair dynamics.

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Ah thank you! It now works perfectly! :smiley:

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