Hair Cards Rendering Black Lines


I’ve made some hair cards and now adding these to my mesh. The problem is that the area where geometry overlaps , black lines start showing. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? Any sort of help would be much appreciated.

I had artifacts on hair cards in Eevee - but far less obvious than what you are showing here - until I set camera clipping to a value greater than the default. In my case clip start is set to 0.009 instead of 0.001 which eradicates all artifacts for me.

I assume the correct value will depend on scene scale/unit setup and possibly GPU driver. I am not using Blender defaults.

If you find playing with clip start fixes your issue you can set it for all the viewports in your scene and save a new startup file and not bump into that issue ever again.

Hey, i haven’t tried your method yet. Will try it when i have again some time. I did fix the issue though. I had set material to alpha clip, i changed it to alpha blend then it did fix that issue for me. But i am still getting slight artifacts, especially when two hair cards intersect each other diagonally. For some reason the hair texture turn dark. Will try your method later. Thank you for your suggestion.

Looking at your material there’s also the possibility that the alpha slot on the shader causes issues for you. I never plug anything in there, instead I’m using a Mix shader with Transparent BDSF and Principled BDSF as inputs and feed the alpha map as the ‘Fac’.

Light/shadow settings can be another cause of visual glitches. And also your OS/driver might play a role here. I’m on Nvidia/Windows. Hair looks glorious in the viewport, glitch-free. But it did take some setup time indeed.

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Yeah, i tried the transparent shader like you suggested (Transparent shader + Principle => Mix Shader)and it also achieved the transparency. But alpha clip was still giving me black lines where geometry was intersecting. Setting blend to alpha blend solved everything for me. Apologies for the late reply. I had a deadline to meet and was pulling all nighters.