Hair Colision Troubles

Hi everyone!

I’m having some troubles with colision hair with the mesh. Does anybody knows how make hair colide with the object?

Another question, does anybody knows how make hair subdivided? It has just five segments, and i dont know hor improve that.

Thanks all, evey answer will be very very welcome. :slight_smile:

hy, hair collision is not implemented yet, i think.
you can workaround with one or more forcefields (type: force)
check the maximum value of your forcefield, it has to be > 0
you have to try high strength (100-1000) values and maybe raise the flow value as well.

And the segments-value you find in the particle-propertys at the top of your hair particle system
and under “render” ind the same panel there is also a value (“steps” i think)

check that out :slight_smile:

Thaks Dude, this really helped me.

I hope soon they implement hair colision

:slight_smile: Once again thanks

I have the same problem. My hair doesn’t collides with objects - just passes through them.
BUT! In Sintel Lite Rig hair dynamic. And it seems like hair collides with it’s proxies. I can’t repeat this trick :frowning: