Hair color based on assign emitter color not possible?

Is it not possible to have hair particles inherent the color from the mesh/emitter color?

As you can see below it is white and the blue color is ignored.
This is a mesh emitter with two assigned materials.


There is only one material available per hair particle system.
It is defined under Render panel of Particles tab. It is picked among materials in materials list of emitter.

So, you can use to color hair, a material different than the one used by mesh faces or you can use same material.
In your specific case, 2 materials for one particle system emitted.
You can bake an UV texture and use it in a third material only used by particles.
Or if there no more difference than colors in materials ; after baking, you can suppress previous materials and only use one with Diffuse UVtexture for the whole.

Another solution can be to create 2 particles systems and restrict them to some faces using vertex groups. That way, you have 2 materials and 2 particles systems.

Ah good then I wasnt missing something.

Works well too.