Hair Colour

I am playing around with hair and want a hair colour different to the other things one. I set two materials and changed the particles thing to Mat 2 but it dont work

Can you be a little more specific? Maybe show a screenshot or rar(or zip) up your .blend file and rapidshare( it(aka upload it)? :smiley:

If your in edit mode, select the area that you want to have that ‘different’ hair and press p and split up the selected polygons into a new object. then press tab and select the other object and go from there. That is if thats what your talkin about. :smiley:

I mean say if I had a red sphere and gave it particle hair, the hair would be red. I there a way to make the hair blue and keep the sphere red and they’re all the same object.

iluvblender made an excellent video tutorial on making grass. It shows how to give different materials to the mesh (ground) and particles (grass), as well as setting up vertex groups to control density and length. It should be easily adaptable to hairs. See this thread for the link and discussion:

shift+d the red sphere to duplicate it, then right click so you dont move it anywhere… Then delete the particles off the duplicated sphere. Select the sphere with the hair and go to the particle menu and make sure the ‘mesh’ button is not selected.

Now, select the duplicated sphere and give it a new material.

So it would be 2 spheres, but when rendered, it would only show one sphere(the duplicated sphere)… Not the particle sphere. The particle sphere would only render particles, and not the actual mesh on it.

I stumbled upon this thread now, and I know I’m late, but there is an easier way, with the following result:

  • Create the material for the object (mesh) - using F5. Give it a colour, e.g. red.
  • Press F9 and create a second material in the Links and Materials tab - using the “New” button.
  • Go back to F5 and in the “Links and Pipeline” tab, press the “2” button and accept the yes to make it single user.
  • Go back to F9 and now change this second material’s colour, e.g. blue.
  • In the Particles tab, under “Display” select:[LIST=1]
  • Material: 2 (to select the blue for the hair)
  • Activate Mesh - to display the the red mesh [/LIST]Hope this helps,