hair comb mirror

i noticed that mirror doesnt work when combing hair . is this only on my computer or on everyone else?

i am using the new blender version.

If you are using v2.57 32-bit then it’s not just you-- combing mirror doesn’t seem to be functioning properly.

Same problem here with 2.57b.
X-mirror on combing not working
x-mirror while adding hairs not working
x-mirror modifier does not mirror particle emitter before or after the particle modifier

Another nice effect is that you add and comb hairs on the “real” side of the model and as soon as you hit render the hair jumps to the “mirrored” side.
Either its a bug or I’m doing something really wrong.

I’ve noticed the mirror does seem work, but only on the parents you add in particle mode. Such ass you see area turnin bald like I seem get alot, I use add and it mirrors a parent exact spot on oposite side. From there it combs identicle on both sides. But, any the parents originaly added dont’ seem to mirror.-