hair control?

this might sound really n00b-ish of me, but i’m having trouble getting the hair to go where i want it. i tried following this tutorial “”. it’s the only one i could find. and it’s on several other sites. it makes it sound really simple, but my hair won’t do what i want. are there any other tutorials and such out there for this?

and on another note, i can’t get my hair and my head to render at the same time. what am i doing wrong?

i can’t get my hair and my head to render at the same time. what am i doing wrong?

Make sure to press the Mesh button under Display: in the Particles Panel.

Check out the modeling sticky: Selected Modeling Threads. One of them is about hair.

(You’re not alone. Hair is hard to do.)

thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Things will be much better soon. Check this out:

This functionality is in the new particle system, which is currently being used on the Peach project. It will certainly be in Blender 2.50, and you can already use it by downloading new particles builds at It’s still in development, though, so back up your work and don’t use it on mission critical stuff of stuff that needs to be compatible with an official release.


Also, the tutorial there is quite old, and the particles system has changed a lot. It might take a little figuring out, but it’s not hard.

wow wow wow wow wow

and to think i spent a hole hour yesterday placeing curve giudes, i bet i could of done the same job or better in 5 minuets with that.
thanks for the info
if you find that when using particals your computer does not navigate as quick try changeing the amounts of particals that are shown this does not affect the amount that are there but it helps reduce the load on your grafixs card, its just under the amount of particals window.