Hair do not increase with display under children tab


I followed this tutorial for hair.

First I encountered a problem after adding ‘‘Simple’’ in Children tab. They were floating but it seems that I sorted it with Photox’s response from another topic ( In-display tab, increase the steps to 4 or 5 (for smoother hair. In children, kink/curl lower the amplitude from .2 to ~.02 )

Now I am trying to increase the ‘’ Display ‘’ under children tab but no matter how much I increase the number nothing happens. The interpolation works but I want to work with more control over the hair and with fewer particles at a time.

I realised also that none of the hair is attached to the scalp truly, there are a few inches away from it.

Here is an overall prt screen from the hair and my settings.

I do not know if that’s how it suppose to be, but as you see the children do not show particles when I am in particle mode as the original hair.

In the second image, you can see a close up from the distance between the hair and the scalp.

Any help will be much appreciated since I have no clue how to solve it and I cannot proceed.

Thank You

I did not find my way out with ‘’ Simple’’ in Children tab, instead, I used interpolation but in order to have more control over the particles I used very few each time and many times I just used only one hair for more realism.

Still would like to know what caused the ‘‘Display’’ to not respond.

And I found out that some distance might always occur with B-Spline so it would be good to move the hair a bit further inside from the beginning.