Hair doing weird things, help!

I have just started with blender about two months ago because i’m doing a school project and I was adding hair to a cat I made but some children won’t comb or shrink or just do anything at all. All the other hair groups are unvisible so I don’t understand why I can’t. Can somebody help please???

To allow other users to help you better, you should share a .blend scene showing the problem. You can upload the .blend file here in the forum or for example in pasteall and then share the link here.

Okay thank you for replying!!
This is what I’ve got so far and when you open it you can see that at the sides of the face there are some groups of hair pointing out.

You must apply scale to your cat mesh. You go to Object mode, press Ctrl+A and select “Scale”. You go to particles tab, and press Free Edit button and accept warning. You try again with Particle Edit.

Some explanations about why to apply scale:

By the way, you should need to make some corrections in Weight Paint mode for FaceFurV vertex group.

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Thank you so much!!! Everything works now!!! I’ve been struggling with blender these months but the comunity is SO NICE it makes it way easier, so thank you again!