Hair dynamics problem 2.56a help been searching for weeks

Hair dynamics was checked and doesnt seem to work. i tried hair guides but it doesnt feel like hair.
I search all forums for this solution. If someone can take a quick look i would really appricate it. it seems i cant get a consistant hair animated is blender unstable?

settings for hair dynamics
stiff 5
mass .3
bending .5
internal friction .721
collider fristion .721
spring 5
air 1
quality step 4

here is the blend file sample of the issues i face.

i did exactly as you said and it did the trick. i found out that if i just play the animation before baking it will solve my issues. thanks for the help. I was searching for it like forever for this solution. solved by kernond ยป Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:03 pm

thanks for the help.