hair emission: grass thicker near camera?

I’m working on a scene of a suburban street. The grass closest to the camera looks spaced and skimpy, but as it gets farther away it looks nice and thick. Any suggestions on making the closer grass look thicker? Should I just put that section on a different system with a higher child/parent count? Or is there a better way

I have the same issue with hair maybe someone can help!

The easiest way would be to weight paint that and make the vertex Group influence the Thickness of the Hair/Grass.
(With the Grass emitting Object selected, add a vertex group in the object data tab and enter edit mode, select all and assign a weight of 0.8 to everything.
Then enter weight paint mode and paint the area next to the camera with a weight of 1 (Red).
At the bottom of the hair settings select the vertex group to influence the length, this will make the Grass larger and thicker.)

When in weight paint mode place your mouse closes to the camera and ALT-DRAG away from the camera, into the scene with the grass. This causes a line to appear as you drag your mouse. The line represents a gradient weight between 1.0 to 0.0 as a gradient across the length of the line. Best to do in top or side view.