Hair | Freezing dynamics bake ?

I’m trying to style hair for a character and instead of combing the whole thing I was using dynamics to get me started.
Question: Is there a way in blender to ‘freeze’ a certain frame of a bake, in a way that I can actually go into ParticleMode and edit hair from there? Basically ‘Free Bake’, but keep the current frame of the dynamicSim hair.

Thanks in advance for any leads and help.

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate further what I’m trying to do.

I wrote a script for 2.79. Blender 2.8 have not the same parameters working…

I want to know this too. How to apply a selected frame from dynamic hair simulation so the simulation/dynamics is gone but the hair retains the shape it had at that frame? It should still be a hair particle system too.

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Edit Nov. 12, 2020 Anyone know how to do this?