Hair & fur tutorial for 2.40

Hi there.

I’ve been working on a tutorial for the new hair & fur features in
Blender 2.40.

For those of you who have the latest CVS compile of Blender 2.40
(the coming release…not Alpha 1…but the november prerelease).
do feel free to bask in this tutorial and of course complain if you
find something horribly wrong.

It’s not complete yet, but complete enough to fill most of you
in on how it works and how to get really good results.

So without further ado …

Edit - it’s now in wiki

Enjoy. (and do give feedback)

This tutorial is awesome so far! Although would it be too much to ask to cover how to make a full hair cut including sideburns and bangs? There is quite a few changes of directions in a basic haircut which have been giving me a ton of grief trying to get to work right. Also clumps of hair and fixes for hair poking flesh in wrong areas.

This looks very promising, JoOngle. I have been eager to see a clear, detailed explanation of hair in blender.
Thank you for taking the time to do this for us.

Very clear, thank you for your fine work on this.

thanks! clear and easy on mind.

you should make some official howtos for blender. or a spinoff howtos and publish them as pdfs also. I assume you have openoffice on your box?

Nice tutorial, clear and comprehensive. One thing though; it would be nice if you circled what you are changing in each screenshot. It’s easier to find that way, and you don’t actually have to read the text in between the pictures :stuck_out_tongue: .

One thing. In the opening statement you mention strands never go below a single pixel. But isn’t that what the Strands settings on the material panel are for? .250 or something like that is the low end and, I believe, it is actually less than a single pixel? Is this right?

Tutorial looks great. I’ll read the rest of it as soon as I finish plowing through the forum. :slight_smile:

BTW, ton committed a new level of Z-trans limits today to allow for better depth. From 200 to 1000 levels of transparency on a single pixel. Also committed a couple of fixes for dandruff. yay. It’s a good thing the speed issues were solved before the level of z-trans went up though. The level of detail is extraordinary.

Marty_D: Yes…you can override the settings to go under 1
in strand start and end, but it’s not recommended to do so because
it will give ugly results when antialiasing, that’s why “teach & preach”
the alpha-blending shading method such as in the tutorial - following
that will give totally perfect results when antialiasing…even with
value override.

Thank you everyone for your comments, I’ll be looking into it further.
I’d like to make some additions to the guide as well.

Thank you JoOngle, that will certainly come in handy.

I think for the sake of being able to find things easily, it would be great if someone could add it to the wiki if that’s ok with you JoOngle.

It’s pretty much a cut and paste affair because the wiki uses html. The images are best uploaded to the wiki itself though and that’s what takes the most time.

LetteRip is adding it to the Wiki as we speak :wink:

Edit And now it’s in:

Thanks JoOngle! I just started using the hair features. This tutorial will help me to learn a lot more about this cool feature. Thanks LetterRip for adding your tips also.

I used your tutorial and got this. You have to have specularity close to nothing to get a nice looking hair texture. The hair is also layered like real hair and not using many emitters. Here is the blend file as well.


That’s exactly what I was going to propose you to do! Excellent to see the wiki blender site grow day by day!!!

Btw, neat tutorial JoOngle! It would definetively be interesting if you were to do a second part, something like “Advanced Particle Curve Guide Usage: Hair style examples…”

It is definetively VERY interesting what you can do with these new features! Gotta love them! I’ve been testing them since the patch was released, and now that it has been smoothly integrated into the blender code… it simply rocks!

This tut should also be included in the noob-to-pro book… (I don’t know if that was the big blender wikibook…)

Oh, and… thanks JoOngle for every “testing the x new blender feature” post!!!

thank you JoOngle, fair what needed, thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Nice Tutorial! I got to try it tonight.

Does WIKI have a limit? My TUT has almost 200 images and 19 pages.

Thanks for the tutorial. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Is this using the alpha 2 build that was posted on the site? My version seems to be different. Or is it CVS? I can’t use cvs :frowning:

download one from the Testing Builds

Thank you very much for the tutorial! Much appreciated!

Many thanks for this! I was just looking yesterday for a good intro to Hair in 2.4 . Hopefully now I can dust my baby off and give her some hair: