I know there are scripts for it, but how can I use the static particles to create hair?

ok here it goes. first take ur object and go to the materials button. where it says spec and hard look for a button called halo. press it. you will get a whole new list of options. Press down the following buttons" HALOTEX, X ALPHA and SHADED. now go to add a new texture(f6). choose the wood texure. in the middle panel there are to tabs: texture and colors. Select colors. now press colorband. For the default there is one alpha(transparent) and one solid (blue). The colors are represented by black and white vertical bars. Select the blue one and move it to the center. then press the add button. A new color is added. Now next to the RGB sliders there Is a slider labeled “a” for alpha. Set this to 0.000. now the 2 outer colors control the width of the lines which will eventually be our hair. so move the outer transparent colors to get the desired width. then change the middle color (solid) to whatever u want the hair color to be. now go back to the material buttons and go to the panel farthest to the right. select the MAP TO tab. look for a button called ALPHA and click it. now go to the MAP INPUT panel. change the sizeX value to 0.30 and sizeY to 0.00 until Once that is done go to the object buttons(f7) and add a new particle effect. Press the STATIC button and then go into the particle options and press the VECT button. Next to the VECT button there is a slider. VECT SIZE. Turn that all the way to 1.000. Then mess with the NORM and RAND settings untill u get the right look.

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I have quite a shorter explanation. here it goes:


Chimera- when ur trying to figure something out your bound to ask questions. I really despise these “use the search button” answers %| . If someone asks for help why not be kind enough to answer. If you cant help or are not willing to type something helpful, Please don’t. Save your keystrokes next time. No offense.


I agree. Politely. There are many times that someone else says ‘the same old thing’ in just the right way so that “this time, it clicks!”

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For instance, I just printed out the previous response and will be reading it slowly and carefully.

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I did search, but they aall said to use scripts.

i tried a lot to make hair / fur with particles but didn’t like the results so… i tried another way

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please look “all” images in the post to give you a better idea what can be done

If you model hair with this method you can:

animate it
cast shadows
vary thickness
vary color

hope this help