hair group

i selected the top of a head and made a group of faces in F9

then applied the particules hair system
now all the faces have hair

where is the place where we can put the name of the group in particules panel?
to limit hair to only these faces in that group from F9

Are you talking about the new 2.46 Hair system?
If so you need to create a vertex group and apply it in the “Extras” Tab.
Right at the bottom where is reads “Vertex Group”

Full article of the particles rewrite is here:

Hope this helps.

i saw that but was not able to make it work

but i played more with it and i think i see how it works now

one thing i’m not certain how it work - is how do you make several group work on the same mesh?
do you have to create one particule system for each group?
and how do you control the lenght of the hair i mean which variables set this lenght
if it still exist in 2.46?
in a group how to keep the hair to stay on the selected faces and not outside that group?

but not that obvious to select the group of verteces
did not found that page - it’s great
i don’t understand something - Boids should be for 2.5 and it’s in 2.46