Hair guides created from mesh objects

Well…got it to show up and installed and seen in the numeric panel.

But it doesn´t work.
tried on imported obj strands from lightwave, that worked in 2.73.

Got it working sort of after disconnecting hairnet…wonky workflow…have to check more.

Interpolated children?

Hi folks. I’ve been testing out the latest Hairnet addon in blender 2.9 and so far it’s been showing a lot of promise for my own workflow. What I can’t seem to get working is interpolated children. I’ve looked back over the thread and have tried various suggestions, including jdcooke2010’s workflow from years ago: smoothing created hair system lightly to ‘touch’ the hair guides, then renaming the hair system, creating a second one and then deleting it…but so far I can’t seem to get interpolated children to work as expected.

Any tips? If I could somehow get interpolated children to work this would be a total game-changer.


Thanks for the note about interpolated children. It’s weird that it has stopped working which makes me think there’s just a function name that needs to be updated.

I’ll try to find some time soon to check into it.

@Jandals I just used the HairNet addon in 2.92 for this project:
It worked really well, thanks for scripting it :blush:

@aerus Thanks for sharing your work; it’s a beautiful result! I’m impressed with the intricacy of the hairstyle you crafted.
I usually only hear about the times HairNet doesn’t work so it’s a treat to see a time that things went well. I’m pleased to know that it did what you needed :slight_smile: